[CentOS] "power outage"-save / like embedded systems

Tue Sep 30 18:29:20 UTC 2014
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 9/30/2014 11:22 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> The SmartUPS are... but then, overwhelmingly, mine are rackmount. I have
> mentioned here, before, though, that at least with the SmartUPS, you can
> easily, and far less expensively, buy replacement batteries, but they
> *MUST*  be HR (high rate) batteries; anything else, and the SmartUPS don't
> believe they've been replaced correctly.

quality VRLA (SLA, AGM) batteries are capable of delivering massive 
current loads, I've not had any problems using these on good UPSs.    At 
home, i've got an /ancient/ SmartUPS2000 (2KVA) tower unit that I 
repopulated with Panasonic 12V 20AH 'motorcycle' batteries.    its been 
running great now for nearly 10 years, and STILL can keep my entire home 
computer load going for 4+ hours in a failure.    These batteries are 
WAY past the 'normal' end of life, but are still doing very strong.   I 
even put a safety light on them, a floor lamp with a 7W LED bulb bounced 
off the ceiling, thats left always-on, as this room is quite dark.

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