[CentOS] wifi on servers and fedora [was Re: 7.2 kernel panic on boot]

Thu Dec 10 15:26:56 UTC 2015
Matthew Miller <mattdm at mattdm.org>

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 10:21:56AM -0500, James B. Byrne wrote:
> Since the import of what I was trying to convey has been lost,  no
> doubt due to my poor choice of words, I will restate the obvious: If
> the bulk of the developers working on Fedora use laptops as their
> platform then, inevitably, Fedora will become in essence a laptop
> distribution and RHEL will follow.  Talking about the server community
> monitoring the Fedora development channel once every six months, or
> every day for that matter, is simply not going to change this.

But this isn't the case, so it's not really a very productive line of
speculation. We _have_ a server community around Fedora, both
developers and users.

> source.  The choice to go to Fedora for RHEL development was a
> commitment to the laptop environment, whether consciously made or not.

This does not match history nor the current situation.

Matthew Miller
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