[CentOS] Extending a CentOS disk without reboot

Thu Dec 24 12:54:36 UTC 2015
Sander Kuusemets <sander.kuusemets at ut.ee>

I did not do pvresize because neither "pvs" or "pvdisplay" reported to 
have free space.

After reboot they did, after which doing pvresize worked successfully.

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On 24/12/15 09:17, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> On 12/21/2015 11:15 AM, Sander Kuusemets wrote:
>> So what happened, is that after another administrator had extended 
>> the disk from VMWare, I tried to extend it from the OS side.
> ...
>> Now's when the problems happened. After writing the partition table I 
>> got the usual "Busy" error. But I needed to do this without downtime. 
>> So, what did I try to get the kernel acknowledge the partition size 
>> change:
> ...
>> * partprobe -s
> Well, partprobe is the standard advice for this situation, but I don't 
> think it actively does anything with the -s flag.  That could have 
> been the problem, but I'm not certain.
>> And while dmesg reported that it recognized the partition change, LVM 
>> did still not see it.
> You didn't include "pvresize" in that list, so I presume you didn't do 
> it.  That's the command that will inform LVM of the change.
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