[CentOS] Perl DBI 1.52 on el6

Mon Dec 28 18:03:35 UTC 2015
Brian Mathis <brian.mathis+centos at betteradmin.com>

You might want to try installing the version of DBI you want using
local::lib, which can be done with something like (this is using cpan
    cpanm --local-lib=/path/to/custom/location DBI at 1.52

then in your Perl script:
    use local::lib '/path/to/custom/location';

If you need to do a full compile of perl, use perlbrew.  You don't want to
mess with the system version of Perl in any way if you can avoid it.

~ Brian Mathis

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 10:49 AM, Erick Ocrospoma <zipper1790 at gmail.com>

> Hello guys,
> I was told by the client to install Perl DBI version 1.52 on a el6 box, by
> default el6 branch comes with DBI version 1.6x, this version is AFAIK not
> the desired one.
> First I tried installing DBI 1.52 from some rpm package [1], which had some
> dependencies, Perl 5.8.8 and dbd.4.4.x, this last package was also present
> el6, so it made conflict and it was not possible to install DBI 1.52 from a
> rpm.
> Then, I downloaded version 1.52 [2], and tried to compiled it, but it
> failed while doing the make test. I'm not sure if it is not a problem,
> because while doing make, it did not show error/failure messages.
> Finally, it seems I'd have to compile Perl 5.8.8 by hand, and then try to
> add DBI module also. Is this possible to install it safely and make it
> coexist with default Perl version (5.10.1) in el6 ?
> I'm also writing to DBI user list, about make test failure messages. But
> maybe, I guess, it is failing because it is not supported by Perl 5.10.1
> and Perl 5.8.8 does.
> No clue about this, in my opinion it should compile with Perl 5.10.1
> Regards.
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