[CentOS] Perl DBI 1.52 on el6

Sat Dec 26 15:49:37 UTC 2015
Erick Ocrospoma <zipper1790 at gmail.com>

Hello guys,

I was told by the client to install Perl DBI version 1.52 on a el6 box, by
default el6 branch comes with DBI version 1.6x, this version is AFAIK not
the desired one.

First I tried installing DBI 1.52 from some rpm package [1], which had some
dependencies, Perl 5.8.8 and dbd.4.4.x, this last package was also present
el6, so it made conflict and it was not possible to install DBI 1.52 from a

Then, I downloaded version 1.52 [2], and tried to compiled it, but it
failed while doing the make test. I'm not sure if it is not a problem,
because while doing make, it did not show error/failure messages.

Finally, it seems I'd have to compile Perl 5.8.8 by hand, and then try to
add DBI module also. Is this possible to install it safely and make it
coexist with default Perl version (5.10.1) in el6 ?

I'm also writing to DBI user list, about make test failure messages. But
maybe, I guess, it is failing because it is not supported by Perl 5.10.1
and Perl 5.8.8 does.

No clue about this, in my opinion it should compile with Perl 5.10.1





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