[CentOS] KDE Dying Overnight After Centos 7 Upgrade

Wed Dec 16 21:53:10 UTC 2015
pro alias <proalia at gmail.com>

On two blades both with Atom Processors but different Graphics chips (a
Matrox WPCM450 on one, Intel 82945Gon the other). One machine had distorted
video and required logging out of KDE and then back again. The other one
had no video and required ssh from another box to restart X remotely (which
I  didn't think I should be able to do).

Does anyone else see problems with KDE ( or X) after the upgrade? I'm not
getting any obvious error messages, but  my gut level says it is a problem
with X rather than KDE. I haven't had the time to troubleshoot this
properly, but when (if) it happens tomorrow I will see what I can find.