[CentOS] dovecot move doesn't work

Tue Jan 6 22:55:59 UTC 2015
Chuck Campbell <campbell at accelinc.com>

I'm running centos 6.6 with the default 2.0.9-xxx dovecot.

I run sa-learn against my spam_to_learn folder, then I wan to move those emails
to a learned_spam folder.
when I do a doveadm -Dv move -u user learned_spam mailbox 'spam_to_learn' ALL

I get this result:
usage: doveadm [-Dv] [-f <formatter>] <command> [<args>]
  altmove      [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] <search query>
  auth         [-a <auth socket path>] [-x <auth info>] <user> [<password>]
  config       [doveconf parameters]
  director     add|flush|map|remove|status
  dump         [-t <type>] <path>
  expunge      [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] <search query>
  fetch        [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] <fields> <search query>
  force-resync [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] <mailbox>
  help         <cmd>
  import       [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] <source mail location> <dest
parent mailbox> <search query>
  kick         [-a <anvil socket path>] [-f] <user mask>[|]<ip/bits>
  log          find|reopen|test
  mailbox      create|delete|list|mutf7|rename|status|subscribe|unsubscribe
  penalty      [-a <anvil socket path>] [<ip/bits>]
  purge        [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>]
  pw           [-l] [-p plaintext] [-r rounds] [-s scheme] [-u user] [-V]
  search       [-u <user>|-A] [-S <socket_path>] <search query>
  sis          deduplicate|find
  user         [-a <userdb socket path>] [-x <auth info>] <user mask> [...]
  who          [-a <anvil socket path>] [-1] [<user mask>] [<ip/bits>]

this doesn't even list a move command, yet the dovecot pages show it and give

any suggestions?