[CentOS] Design changes are done in Fedora

Fri Jan 9 10:33:37 UTC 2015
Elvinas Piliponis <Elvinas.Piliponis at virtustream.com>


Kt, 2015 01 08 11:32 -0600, Valeri Galtsev rašė:

right: "snorkel" ;-) One of the pushing points was: already then on
average every 30-45 days was either glibc or kernel update, meaning you
have to reboot the box (and on multiple threads here there was a bunch of
other unpleasant things mentioned so I'll skip them...). Linux from

And your point? From my previous Linux Engineer experience in some
small enterprise, being one of the top 5 biggest banks, there was a
push to make mandatory scheduled server reboots every month or two.

Rationale was simple: keeping long uptimes does not makes sense, when
updates (not necessary OS but also userspace) piles up and after
unexpected reboot shit happens as server is no longer able to boot.
This was the experiences with various systems, including RHEL5 on x86
and IBM AIX on Power, Windows and other lovely bunch of hardware. As
there were multiple incidents, it was decided to move to a mandatory
reboot schedule to have maintenance windows. I believe the only system
that was excluded from such plans was mainframe.

Of course this requires to design systems to have load balancing,
failover and other stuff available and working.

So, several of those people fled to open solaris. My journey was
different, I ended up migrating a bunch of most important boxes to
FreeBSD. I know how many on this list are already allergic to me saying
this, I promise, this is the last time. I'm using as excuse something
familiar I feel in James's post...

And does FreeBSD have magic bullet against reboot requirement after
kernel/libc update? Or are you simply not patching system (which you
can do on Linux too) ?

BTW Linux already (again) procedes to rebootless kernel upgrade.
Unfortunately now there are 4 different implementations (thanks goes to
Oracle for buying KSplice and making this exclusive to OL). Although if
my memory does not fail there were talks about unification.

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