[CentOS] C6 server responding extremely slow on ssh interactive

Wed Jan 28 16:41:01 UTC 2015
Patrick Bervoets <patrick.bervoets at psc-elsene.be>

Op 28-01-15 om 17:20 schreef Marcelo Ricardo Leitner:
> On 28-01-2015 11:15, Patrick Bervoets wrote:
>> I have a C6 server acting as a kvm-host.
>> When connecting with ssh the console is extremely slow and hangs for
>> minutes at a time. Connecting to this server is not the problem.
>> If I use: ssh root at host "whatever" I got immediate response even when
>> interactive consoles opened with ssh are hanging.
> Sorry, is it hanging during the session or while attempting to establish a new one? If this last, it may be dns and ssh -v may help. The former is weird, I don't think I ever saw it.
>   Marcelo

It hangs during the session. Once I'm logged in and beginning to type it displays 3-5 chars and then hangs for up to 15 minutes, a few more chars, wait, and so on.
Checked my resolv.conf; added 'options single-request-reopen' though I don't know if that is helping.

Yes it is weird; even more that individual commands sent with ssh gives immediate respons.