[CentOS] Using gpg to encrypt a URL line on CentOS 6 additional information

Sat Jul 11 10:54:45 UTC 2015
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

>+1.   also, it'd probably be good to state what you're trying to accomplish rather
>than if you can throw a technology at vague something or another.   I think you'd
>find gpg's password input cumbersome for symmetric keys, the output too long in ascii
>armor and possibly annoying to deal with public keys... but you don't really say what
>you're trying to fix/avoid/do/not do.

Sorry if I wasnt being clear enough....

it basically comes down to this.

I use an apache interface to my application, the URL line has
parameters line mscript?value=2&something=4 etc..

I have a "crude" encoding (wouldnt even call it encryption) that I use
right now.

I'd like to make that more robust. I started looking and found mcrypt
(which I mentioned in the first post)

But that did not compile from source, and is not available in the
standard yum install. Other repos have it but that

may not be an option for me due to other reasons.... No problem.

So I started thinking about does GPG support something similiar like
mcrypt? Easy way to encrypt a line for URL.

That is where my goal lies... Way to encrypt a URL string with what is
"standard" in CentOS 6.