[CentOS] how to get bug fixed by TUV

Thu Jul 30 08:37:52 UTC 2015
Stijn De Weirdt <stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be>

hi all,

i have a general question (a bit surprised ti's not on the centos faq):

we found a bug in a package in a centos install, and we are wondering 
what the best approach is to get TUV to fix it (and release an update), 
so it gets fixed in centos rebuild and thus on our nodes. or at the very 
least to get it on their todo list ;)

bugs.centos.org seems an obvious candidate to get them reported via 
centos to TUV, but as centos doesn't modify the sources, i'm wondering 
if it is the correct way.

so is there a way to funnel these through bugs.centos.org to TUV, or 
should we get our own (minimal?) support contract with RedHat. if it's 
the latter, any tips what contract to choose? (money isn't really the 
issue if we don't have to register all our centos nodes (and i wouldn't 
mind having access to the KBs if that came with the contract ;))


the bug is https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1248003 (i 
consider it a bug and not a feature since it used to work with EL6, and 
people upgrading might run into this; but i guess it's all semantics ;)