[CentOS] 7.1 install with Areca arc-1224

Mon Jul 6 03:25:02 UTC 2015
C Linus Hicks <linush at verizon.net>

 On 07/05/15, Gordon Messmer wrote:

That's not the same as checking the media for corruption. You may be 
able to read all of the files, but if the data is corrupt, rpm may throw 
and IOError.

So, the next thing to do is check your media. The DVD should offer to 
do that first when you boot from it.

------ Above quoted --------

Booted the DVD again, took the default. It got to 76.2% then told me:

The media check is complete. The result is: FAIL.

It is not recommended to use this media.
[FAILED] Failed to start media check on /dev/sr0.
See 'systemctl status checkisomd5 at -dev-sr0.service' for details.
dracut-initqueue[681]: Job for checkisomd5 at -dev-sr0.service failed. See 'systemctl status checkisomd5 at -dev-sr0.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details.
[   243.972119] dracut: FATAL: CD check failed!
[   243.972141] dracut: Refusing to continue
Could not unmount /run/install/repo: Device or resource busy
[   245.127417] System halted.

Ran the check again, same thing. Took that DVD back to the machine I burned it on, downloaded the MD5SUM from one of the mirrors and checked the file I downloaded. That checks. Used cmp to compare the .iso file to the image on the DVD, they match, the DVD is good. Hmm, what gives.

Burned another DVD and verified the burned image matches the .iso file. Took the new DVD to the machine I'm doing the install on and ran the check again. OMG, it did the same thing at 76.2%.

Now I'm thinking, wait, it says "Failed to start media check" is that a poorly worded message or does it really mean what it says?