[CentOS] Backups solution from WinDoze to linux

Tue Jul 14 15:35:10 UTC 2015
Richard Zimmerman <rzimmerman at riverbendhose.com>

I don't chime in very often but here it goes.

   I'm running BackupPC-3.3.1-1.el6.x86_64 on CentOS 6.6. The server is an HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 (dynamic p400 controller DISABLED); 8gb ram, 1.5tb raid1 . Boot/OS drive is an ssd and /var/lib/BackupPC is mounted on an LVM/RADI1 array. I'm currently backing up 41 pc's and one Server 2011 Essentials.

BackupPC Server Status

General Server Information

    The servers PID is 37442, on host backuppc, version 3.3.1, started at 7/13 16:20.
    This status was generated at 7/14 11:08.
    The configuration was last loaded at 7/13 16:20.
    PCs will be next queued at 7/14 14:00.
    Other info:
        0 pending backup requests from last scheduled wakeup,
        0 pending user backup requests,
        0 pending command requests,
        Pool is 530.20GB comprising 2040949 files and 4369 directories (as of 7/12 14:15),
        Pool hashing gives 1909 repeated files with longest chain 25,
        Nightly cleanup removed 5788 files of size 0.03GB (around 7/12 14:15),
        Pool file system was recently at 42% (7/14 11:02), today's max is 42% (7/14 00:42) and yesterday's max was 39%.

Hosts with good Backups

There are 42 hosts that have been backed up, for a total of:

    124 full backups of total size 4990.74GB (prior to pooling and compression),
    191 incr backups of total size 388.68GB (prior to pooling and compression). 

** I just recently changed my setup to keep 3 full and 6 incremental backups so these numbers are in the process of growing **

I USED to run various renditions of rsync and finally GAVE UP on it as it NEVER would backup up the Windows computers to my satisfaction.  (rsync on linux rocks however)

I finally switched over to using SMB to back up the Windows boxen.  I use the admin account for this as creating a "backuppc" user account assigned to the "backup operators" group wouldn't even back up the boxes correctly. 

While not ideal security wise I CAN SAY I backup 42 computers every night, important files like outlook.pst GETS BACKED UP, and my BackupPC life is significantly easier.

I use the following for the wakeup schedule: $Conf{WakeupSchedule} = [14,17];

For backing up the BackupPC pool, I am running software raid.  I use mdadm to attach a 3rd disk to the mirror which sync's the mirror to the 3rd drive, then fail the 3rd disk and shrink the array back to two. Others have suggested Btrfs or zfs? For a send/receive backup method and I am going to try this as time allows.

You can NEVER have too many backups. I'd slap it to tape if I could...

Hopefully some of this information helps out...



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My manager just tasked me at looking at this, for one team we're supporting. Now, he'd been thinking of bacula, but I see their Windows binaries are now not-free, so I'm looking around. IIRC, Les thinks highly of backuppc; comments on that, or other packaged solutions?


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