[CentOS] Redistributing CentOS as part of a package

Mon Jun 1 19:14:03 UTC 2015
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 01/06/15 02:32 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 06/01/2015 11:09 AM, Digimer wrote:
>> On 01/06/15 12:00 PM, Digimer wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>>   I'm developing a program that is not a distro, per-se, but sort of
>>> acts like one. Basically, it's a modified CentOS ISO with some extra
>>> RPMs added, unneeded RPMs removed and containing a modified boot screen
>>> and install selection list.
>>>   The list says "CentOS", so a user knows the installed appliance will
>>> be based on CentOS, but it also has our project's branding along with it
>>> (splash screen, our custom installer's images and text, etc). We do not
>>> modify /etc/issue, /etc/redhat-release or so one.
>>>   So I wanted to ask the community if this is OK, as I think I'm sitting
>>> in something of a gray area between a straight custom CentOS ISO and a
>>> new distro. If this isn't the right place to ask, a pointer to the right
>>> place would be much appreciated.
>>>   I am happy to answer any further questions (here or in private) from
>>> the CentOS team if it would help clarify things.
>>> Cheers!
>> Woops'ed the Subject; s/package/project/
>> An auspicious start! :)
> You can't do that and be in agreement with the terms of our logo/name
> trademark usage rules.
> But you COULD do this:
> Not mess with the installer, repodata, or directories and files we put
> on the ISO .. but, in a separate directory on the media, add in your
> packages and install them via a kickstart instead so it installs non
> modified CentOS and THEN your packages.
> If you MODIFY items we provide, you can not say it is CentOS (so you
> need to rebrand).  If you add things to it on the end, then you can call
> it "your program on CentOS Linux".
> The bottom line is, you can't change the files we create or the
> repodata/installer and still call it CentOS.
> And before someone complains, you also can't take a Debian (or Ubuntu or
> Fedora, etc) install iso, and modify the installer to change the content
> then distribute it and call it Debian (or Ubuntu or Fedora).
> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes

I'm asking because I want to play nice, so I appreciate your reply.

I'm fine with leaving the stock Packages and repodata alone if that is
what is needed. I assume that, if I use this other directory, I can
include the updated RPMs released since the last y-stream release?

Assuming this is enough, how would changing the initial boot screen to
add our project's install options work? Our project is called "Striker",
so could I create a custom boot screen that said "Install Striker {1,2}
on CentOS 6.6" and be OK?

Perhaps another way to look at this is;

What if I didn't use the "CentOS" name in the ISO name or install
screens? I'd rather give credit to CentOS, but if I can remove the
CentOS branding during the install then my current approach will
continue to work. If I went this route, though, would I be obligated to
strip the CentOS branding across the board? If so, I'm not interested in

Another option, which I freely admit to knowing little about at this
time, are the SIGs. Perhaps the better approach is to create a SIG?
Perhaps this is not at all appropriate...

I should mention; Our project[1][2] is full open source, in case that
makes a difference.

Thanks for such a quick reply!


1. https://github.com/digimer/striker
2. https://alteeve.ca/w/AN!Cluster_Tutorial_2

Papers and Projects: https://alteeve.ca/w/
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