[CentOS] CentOS 7 + Dell Latitude E6420 laptop = thermal shutdown

Mon Jun 15 19:04:03 UTC 2015
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

On 06/11/2015 09:03 PM, deoten wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for reading this.
> I installed CentOS 7 (tried the latest ISO image and the previous build) on the laptop and got to the point where I am logging into the desktop environment and the laptop just shuts down. I check the event log in BIOS and find that a thermal event has occurred and the system powered off to prevent damage.
> I can take the same laptop with Windows 7 installed and run graphically intensive tests for an hour solid and it doesn't lock up. I installed Ubuntu 15.04 and that seemed solid too.
> Is this a known issue with CentOS 7? Should I be using a particular boot option?
> It does not seem to matter whether Gnome or KDE is chosen as the desktop environment.
> Any help you can provide is appreciated.
> Thanks.

I use a dell e6420 as my daily laptop/workstation. It stays docked and
on 24/7 while at home, often running multiple vms or docker containers.
I've not experienced what you have described. The laptop does get a
little warm during certain video conference meetings, I do not have any
thermal shutdown events. I would check for fan function and speed, then
firmware for possible related updates.

If it helps, my specifics are (according to dmidecode):

BIOS Information
        Vendor: Dell Inc.
        Version: A19
        Release Date: 06/24/2013
System Information
        Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
        Product Name: Latitude E6420
        Version: 01
Base Board Information
        Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
        Product Name: 032T9K
        Version: A01

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