[CentOS] WORKAROUND: Re: OT: default password for HP printer

Tue Jun 23 19:10:07 UTC 2015
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 06/22/2015 04:27 PM, ken wrote:
> On 06/22/2015 04:00 PM, Frank Cox wrote:
>> On Mon, 22 Jun 2015 15:48:46 -0400
>> ken wrote:
>>> 3) password is BLANK
>> Did you try typing the word BLANK into that field?
> Yep.  That's not it either.

When prompted for username and password, neither entering no password, 
nor entering no password and no username, got me in.  Both of these 
(along with everything else I'd tried for username and password) yielded 
a "network error".  Yes, although I obviously had a good network 
connection, verified by the fact that the webpage was there in front of 
me with the error message on it, verified also by ping and too by the 
solid-on blue wifi LED on the printer-- despite all this, the printer 
was telling me there was a "network error."

So I went to the printer's LCD panel and did a "network reset" (under 
"Setup" for others who may need to do this).  Then, after configuring 
the wireless networking once more (had to do this two days ago after the 
semi-full reset), when I then went to the EWS I was prompted to enter a 
password, i.e., to create  a password.  This wasn't at all how the 
program ran the first time I set up this printer.  Note also that there 
wasn't a blank password as default.

But at this point I entered no password, i.e., left that field empty, 
configured the password to be blank.  Thereafter when I went to a page 
which was previously password-protected, I wasn't even prompted to enter 
a blank, null, or any other kind of password at all... the webpage just 
came up without having to go through the box asking for username and 
password.  Quite different from every time before.

So apparently, doing the "semi-full reset" caused the EWS authentication 
process to go boffo:  If the default password were indeed blank then (1) 
entering no password should have gotten me in, and/or (2) I shouldn't 
have even been prompted to enter a username and password at all... as is 
the case now that I've configured a null password.

So what is the default password?  I still don't know.  I still remember 
having to type into a password field something like hpadmin or admin86 
before I changed it to my own choice of a password, so I'm still 
believing that's what the default password actually is (though a 
firmware update could change that).  But I'm getting in to the EWS again 
now and that's actually what I was after to begin with.  So I'm done... 
still curious and a bit mystified, but I'm done.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, time, and energy.  Hopefully 
this was more fun for you than it was for me.  :)