[CentOS] OT: bareos, Windoze, beating head on wall

Wed Nov 25 20:35:34 UTC 2015
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Ireneusz Piasecki wrote:
> W dniu 24.11.2015 o 19:38, m.roth at 5-cent.us pisze:
>> Again, I'm posting here because when I tried their mailing list, I
>> didn't get much response.
> It's normal for bareos mailing list and bugtrac system. Bareos is paid
> support oriented (even opesourced), so don't expect so much help from
> them - when they could get some money for that (paid support). For me it
> was too hostilie env: bareos mailing list or bug track system - so i
> opted out (i reported some bugs in their bugtrac system) and now i'm
> with bareos problems on my own.

Right - I was hoping other users on the list, like here, but nope. No even
a second look by anyone.
>> I'm trying to do a restore, from my CentOS 6 box, to a WinDoze box. The
>> restore command is *not* user-friendly if you just want to restore a few
>> files. And it gets weird.... First, I have to mark my path first - I
>> don't
>> just see it with ls. Then, when I do an ls, in
>> c:/Users/<username/Documents/, it shows
>> *My Music
>> *My Pictures
>> *My Videos
>> *Visual Studio 2005/
>> *Visual Studio 2008/
>> *desktop.ini
>> *None* of which are there. All that's there are teo files, testfile.bak
>> and testfile.txt. MATLAB is in some other user's directory....
> First look at content of archive in that date, when you excpected that
> files should be there. I use BAT for that (even that tools fails in some
> cases) - i use: list files on job. You can use BAT for search files, but
> with bareos ver. 15 BAT is working worse.
> Ten look careful, if you selected proper restore way (type of restore
> nad time frame). Maybe in selected time frame files where deleted ?

I've been looking in various ways, and I just checked another Windows
system - this one is a single users (as opposed to a server), and it's the
same: a) it seems to have completely flattened the directory structure,
such that everything is visible in one directory, and b) not just from one
user, but all of them.


I was just trying to restore one single file... but as I said, I can't
even find it.