[CentOS] OT Strange IP address on home network

Sun Nov 1 07:10:45 UTC 2015
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 10/30/2015 09:01 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> So I guess the strange IP address probably comes from some Lite-On device
>>> somewhere in my house - maybe on the server itself, an HP MicroServer.
>>> There are so many possible electronic culprits today.
>> You should be able to use nmap to scan the device.
> Thanks very much for the suggestion, I'll try that.
> I've been surprised how much information I get from iptraf-ng,
> which I only discovered recently.
> I knew about "arp -a", but I'm told I should be using "ip neigh".
> However, that doesn't give the name of each device on the network
> (if known), as arp does.

Try putting this line


in the relevant config file, probably something like


then restart your network.