[CentOS] Centos 7, ATI card, 30" monitor

Wed Nov 4 21:24:21 UTC 2015
Denniston, Todd A CIV NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane <todd.denniston at navy.mil>

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> John R Pierce wrote:
> > On 11/3/2015 8:11 AM, John R Pierce wrote:
> >> On 11/3/2015 7:33 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> >>> Well, I got my user back to being able to use his system, but I've
> >>> still got one issue: it's running on the VESA driver - there is
> >>> *no* Catalyst build for this monitor, for CentOS 7. From a lot of
> >>> googling, nothing's been done since the summer of '14 (lspci
> >>> reports it as a FirePro V3900).
> >>>
> >>> Any thoughts, or pointers, as to if/how I can get X - he's running KDE
> >>> - to see the full width of the monitor, not just about 4" less, or is
> >>> that not possible with the VESA driver?
> Btw, I spoke to Dell
> - this box is theirs, but of course the people supporting workstations
> *still* don't have a clue about Linux, unlike the server people, and they
> couldn't find a recent driver, either.
> I *really* dislike ATI/AMD video. At least with NVidia, the proprietary
> driver builder *always* works, once you've got the right one, whatever
> folks bitch and moan about it.
>      mark

Have you considered using the elrepo packaged version, or at least reading their pages to see which chips are 
still supported by the proprietary driver?
For me their (elrepo) packages seem the sanest way to manage an EL system with either nvidia or ati/amd proprietary driver.
Also there are some notes on this page relating to a change in X protocol on EL 6 which caused some grief there, 
perhaps EL 7 has that same change and thus you may be in the list of " older chipsets".   
At least by reading the pages you might be able to quicker come to the conclusion that the proprietary driver will 
no longer work for you?

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