[CentOS] Rsync and differential Backups

Tue Nov 10 03:42:54 UTC 2015
Keith Keller <kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us>

On 2015-11-10, Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu> wrote:
> I'm fully with you on -o inode64, but I would think it is not inode number
> that becomes large with extensive use of hard links, but the space used by
> directory data, thus requiring to relocate these once they exceed some
> size so ultimately some of them will be pushed beyond 1 TB border
> (depending on how the filesystem is used). Someone, correct me if I'm
> wrong.

Does this answer the question you're asking?  I think so but I'm not



kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us