[CentOS] Openshot 2.x (beta) on C7??

Thu Apr 7 14:21:26 UTC 2016
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 04/07/2016 09:04 AM, Nux! wrote:
> Well, by the looks of it, it bundles all the deps in one archive, so you no longer depend on system ones, but also you miss out on system updates.
I use a commercial professional multitrack audio mixing package called 
Mixbus (derived from Ardour, but with specialized DSP for the summing 
and for plugins; the portion derived from Ardour is open source, the DSP 
plugin code is closed source, and thanks to the plugin API is not a 
'derived work' since it would be usable from any plugin host.....).  
This is the way Mixbus is bundled, with all deps prebuilt and stashed 
away in the proper /opt tree.

Now, as to 'updates' specifically, yes, this puts it on the developer of 
the package to make sure updates that are necessary are actually 
applied.  OpenSSL, for instance; although, I wouldn't think Openshot 
would use that one (Mixbus doesn't; in fact I'm not sure how it could be 
remotely exploited at all).  So for certain things the 'bundled app' 
makes sense; for a server process it would not.

Mixbus works very well on CentOS 7; I use it every week for longform 
broadcast production and mixdown, and just running the Harrison Consoles 
installer script 'Just Worked' as it was supposed to (if it doesn't the 
Mixbus devs get a message from me.....).

Further, the official Ardour.org Ardour packages for Linux are similar 
bundles; at one time if you built it from source using the system 
libraries you were not guaranteed support or that it would even work.  
You run the installer script, and it just works on pretty much any 
modern Linux.  All files, libraries, etc for all dependencies are loaded 
into the appropriate /opt tree (example:
> [lowen at localhost ~]$ ls -d /opt/M*
> /opt/Mixbus-2.5_14392 /opt/Mixbus-3.1.66.uninstall.sh
> /opt/Mixbus-2.5_14392.uninstall.sh  /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22
> /opt/Mixbus-3.1.66 /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22.uninstall.sh
> [lowen at localhost ~]$ du -h --max-depth=1 /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22
> 104M    /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22/bin
> 212K    /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22/etc
> 132M    /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22/lib
> 17M    /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22/share
> 252M    /opt/Mixbus-3.2.22
> [lowen at localhost ~]$
Note that multiple versions at a time are fully supported, and the 
uninstaller is ready (and able) to run at any time.  In fact, the 
installation script asks you one by one if you want to uninstall any of 
the prior versions.  As you can see, I currently have three versions 
installed side-by-side.  The installer script is in the open source 
portion of the program, available through the Ardour git.

It does take more disk space to do this.

And while I have always been a big fan of RPM and of always using the 
repos for things, I have to say that there are many things RPM packages 
do not do well for the most part.