[CentOS] Suddenly increased my hard disk

Mon Apr 18 04:27:33 UTC 2016
Chandran Manikandan <tech2mani at gmail.com>

Hi Tony and Gordon,
Thanks for your help.
I have tried above your commands
I couldn't see that size of the file.

Usually the qmailbackup created like below format in backup location.


Then i have tried to delete rm -f *.bz2 files or *.gz files.

The above same steps followed on 01 April files.

After that it doesn't show the 201604011929-backup.tar.gz file in backup
but the extra 194 GB size occupied in my server which is above mentioned
backup file size.

I had checked mailbox folder size 386 GB and there is no other big size
folder and files in my server.
But i am wonder why it shows  580GB occupied in my hard disk.

how to find out and solve this issue.
I have run fail2ban and firewall also in my server.
i have doubt anybody hacked or accessed my system from outside.
Could anyone help me.

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 12:45 AM, Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

> On 04/06/2016 10:08 PM, Chandran Manikandan wrote:
>> qmailtoaster backup file which was around 184 GB in backup.gz type and i
>> have removed .bz2 type file with the same backup/mailbkup directory.
>> After removed .bz2 file it's gone backup.gz also which was 184 GB file.
>> I have run this command locate .gz but couldn't find out it.
>> how do i see the open files.
> You're most of the way there.  You've probably identified the culprit.
> The backup file consumed your space, and some process still has it open so
> that it's not being freed on the filesystem.
> As root, look for deleted files:
> # ls -l /proc/*/fd/* | grep '(deleted)'
> For instance, among the output on my system, I see this:
> l-wx------. 1 gmessmer gmessmer 64 Apr  7 09:41 /proc/28087/fd/1 ->
> /home/gmessmer/tmp.1 (deleted)
> The file /proc/28087/fd/1 appears as a symlink to a deleted file. In that
> case, the process with PID 28087 has the file open.  I can use "ps" to
> determine what the process is, and terminate it appropriately.
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