[CentOS] KDE 4.14.8 -- 'Leave' - no suspend to disk [UPDATE]

Fri Aug 26 04:57:43 UTC 2016
geo.inbox.ignored <geo.inbox.ignored at gmail.com>

On 07/30/2016 03:16 PM, geo.inbox.ignored wrote:
> greetings one and all.
> just what is a better way to suspend kde on a laptop?
> for a programmer to write 'leave' routines and not have
> option to 'suspend to disk', tells me the programmer;
>   does not own a laptop
>   is mad at laptop owners because he does not have one
>   has stock in companies that make batteries for laptops
> to be serious about this, just where should i post/write
> to get in contact with someone who can see about getting
> this problem corrected?
> any/all suggestions/answers greatly needed.
> tia.

excuse delay in posting this info.

found cause of problem by accident.

while using 'disk utility' to mount a usb memory stick, i noticed
that 1st partition of extended partitions was showing an oos partition.
[yes, i left oos on laptop in case i need to upgrade bios cmos]

knowing this was not correct, i rebooted with 'partedmagic' to see
what it showed about the weird partition, found nothing, rebooted
centos, started 'disk utility' again, oos partition still there.

'no guts, no blue chips', so i deleted partition and rebooted.

centos came back up without problems, started 'disk utility' again,
oos partition still gone. opened desktop menu, selected 'Leave',
suspended to disk was back.

no idea of cause of problem, nor am i going to worry about it.

thought i might pass along what i found so if anyone else runs
into problem, they know one cure.


peace out.

CentOS GNU/Linux 6.8



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