[CentOS] curl build system is broken and so is mock

Thu Aug 4 01:17:41 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 08/03/2016 06:13 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net> said:
>> Something in the curl build will always link the binary against
>> OpenSSL if the openssl-lib package is present, and will always link
>> the library against OpenSSL if any TLS option is enabled in the
>> configure.
> No, it doesn't.  You can see this by looking at the RPM dependencies; at
> least on CentOS 7 and Fedora 23, they don't depend on libssl.so at all.
> If either curl or libcurl.so were linked against libssl.so, the RPM
> would require it.
> I just tried building the CentOS 7 RPM of curl, changing the SPEC to
> remove the libssh2 settings, and I got a curl and libcurl that do not in
> any way depend on libssl.  It is most definitely libssh2.so that
> requires libssl.so.
> If you want help, you need to stop repeating your claims and show some
> actual commands run, output, versions, etc.

[alice at pern ~]$ ldd /usr/bin/curl |grep crypto
	libk5crypto.so.3 => /lib64/libk5crypto.so.3 (0x00007f4524390000)
	libcrypto.so.10 => /lib64/libcrypto.so.10 (0x00007f45234ca000)
[alice at pern ~]$ rpm -qf /lib64/libcrypto.so.10
[alice at pern ~]$

That's with stock CentOS packages