[CentOS] postscreen and clamav on CentOS 6.8

Sat Aug 13 08:37:06 UTC 2016
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

On 12/08/16 21:38, Jon LaBadie wrote:
> A friend runs 6.8 but would like to add postscreen
> to his email server.  It is provided with postfix
> version 2.8 and up.  The newest postfix for 6.8
> is 2.6.x.  Any likelyhood it will be further
> updated?  Or is there another source for newer
> postfix versions for CentOS 6.8?

It is very unlikely Postfix will ever be updated from the current 
version in CentOS 6. Maybe CentOS 7 has the version you require?

> Similar query for the clamav db, now at 0.99.1
> with 0.99.2 out for quite some time.

ClamAV is not a part of CentOS so you will need to ask on the mailing 
list for whichever repository you got the package from.