[CentOS] postscreen and clamav on CentOS 6.8

Sat Aug 13 13:43:52 UTC 2016
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 12.08.2016 um 22:38 schrieb Jon LaBadie:
> A friend runs 6.8 but would like to add postscreen
> to his email server.  It is provided with postfix
> version 2.8 and up.  The newest postfix for 6.8
> is 2.6.x.  Any likelyhood it will be further
> updated?  Or is there another source for newer
> postfix versions for CentOS 6.8?
> Similar query for the clamav db, now at 0.99.1
> with 0.99.2 out for quite some time.
> Jon

Hi Jon,

as Ned has already explained the version of Postfix on CentOS 6 will 
most certainly stay what it is. If you want to use a more current 
release then consider switching to Potfix 3.1 provided by the 
ghettoforge repository. Peter who is maintaining that package is very 
active to follow new upstream releases.

clamav 0.99.2 is available by EPEL. It just hasn't hit the regular 
repository while staying in the testing repo. I am using it from testing 
since roughly 1 month. Maybe it needs more karma to get pushed into 
stable. You have to bark at the EPEL tree, not CentOS.