[CentOS] Centos7 kickstart & pxe

Fri Aug 19 09:40:33 UTC 2016
johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be <johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be>

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On Thu, 18 Aug 2016, johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm trying to get kickstart to work through pxe.
> So far I've set up dhcp server, tftp and so on.
> But it seems at some point I always get stuck because the iso file is write-protected.
> I've tried remounting it rw, and I 've dd the iso first, I then get EM not a block device.

I'd always tend to just expose the install image via HTTP.


Hello John,

thanks for the reply.
I found a useful tutorial on kickstart/http here:
but if I understand it right, via http is not an unattended install. You have to have a boot medium.

If I'm correct people do unattended installs all the time, so I don't understand why all the tutorials I try fail on the same point.
I must be doing something wrong.

What I did on my last try was:

Download Centos dvd to /tmp
mount -o loop /path/to/centos-dvd.iso  /mnt
rsync -azvp /mnt/*  /var/ftp/pub/

But subsequently I can't change anything in /var/ftp/pub because of read-only file system.

Greetings, J.
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