[CentOS] explain strange behavior

Fri Aug 19 19:29:23 UTC 2016
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 01:12:57PM -0500, Dan Hyatt wrote:
> In my bin directory, most of the binaries are linked to it. It is in my
> path. I have googled this and cannot find anything close.
> I am running bash on centos6.8
> When I run   "which command" most of the files in this custom bin directory
> show up.
> When I run "which file.jar" it cannot see it, but I can *ls* the file  (soft
> link)
> as which only works on executables (according to man page), I created a
> dan.jar empty file and did a which on dan.tar and found it.
> can anyone explain what is happening and how I can soft link the jar files
> to my bin directory so which can see them?
I don't use java, so this may be way off base.

I'm assuming you have several *.jar files, but will work with two,
foo.jar and bar.jar.

Place all your jar files in a single directory, not bin. Under lib
is the common place.  I'll use /home/dan/lib/jarfiles.

In your bin directory place a shell script named "foo" containing
something like this:


  ProgName=${0##*/}	# (basename) strips dirs from path

  ## possibly test for existance of jar file

  java -jar ${JarFile} "${@}"    # I assume there may be args to pass.

That would let you run foo.jar as "foo" and do a "which foo" as it is
an executable shell script.

For bar.jar you merely need to put it in the JarDir and make a link
in the bin directory:

  ln /home/dan/bin/foo /home/dan/bin/bar

Do the same for each *.jar, move to JarDir, make a link.

If particular jar files need special treatment you can put a switch
statement in the script based on $ProgName.

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