[CentOS] 7.3 and USB headphones

Sat Dec 17 02:20:13 UTC 2016
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

Hi all!

I wish to give huge thankyous to KB and all the others who worked
to get 7.3 out the door. Many thanks!

I have some good things and some bad. A good thing is that unlike
previous versions, when I plug in my USB headphones they are automatically
recognized and I get sound without having to change anything! (which is
a huge win from before when I had to mess with settings, sometimes for
a few minutes, to get headphone sound and microphone audio.)

The not so good thing is that I don't have any working volume
control for that sound. Nothing I have found will change the sound
volume in the headphones except the little dongle-thing that is
inline in the headphone cord. sometimes when messing with it strange
things happen on the screen that I don't understand, so I prefer to
just leave it alone.

(one thing I don't know is if the microphone is enabled, too, when
it is plugged in... I'll probably find out tomorrow when I have an
online class.)

Anyone have any ideas how to get control over this?

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