[CentOS] Cannot access Samba shares after latest update

Sun Dec 18 16:50:21 UTC 2016
Ed Gurski <ed at gurski.com>

Yesterday (12/17/16), I updated my Centos 7 machine with the latest
updates. Prior to the updates both my Windows 10 and Centos 7 machines
were able to access Samba shares hosted on a Fedora 25 server.

After rebooting the Centos 7 machine, I get the dreaded "Unable to
access location --- Failed to receive share list from server ---
Connection refused" message when trying to mount the shares via the
"Network Servers" gui. I can see the Samba machine but cannot access

My Windows 10 machines can still access the shares but not Centos 7. In
fact, one of my Windows 10 machines is running as a virtual machine on
Centos 7.

The Centos 7 only has the Samba client software installed and I can do
the following from my Centos 7:

"nmblookup samba_machine" and I get the correct response.
"smbclient -L samba_machine" and I see all the shares.

I did stop the firewall on both machines without success.

Any clues?