[CentOS] Cannot access Samba shares after latest update

Sun Dec 18 22:47:15 UTC 2016
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

On 12/18/2016 8:50 AM, Ed Gurski wrote:
> My Windows 10 machines can still access the shares but not Centos 7. In
> fact, one of my Windows 10 machines is running as a virtual machine on
> Centos 7.
> The Centos 7 only has the Samba client software installed and I can do
> the following from my Centos 7:
> "nmblookup samba_machine" and I get the correct response.
> "smbclient -L samba_machine" and I see all the shares.

No solution, but to be clear: The nmblookup userland utility can access 
the remote shares, but the kernel cifs filesystem can't. So something's 
wrong in the mount system. Are there any messages in /var/log/messages 
when you mount/umount that mount point?

Or in any other log file? When I'm not sure where a subsystem logs, I 
use "ls -lt /var/log | head" to sort by date right after I stimulate the 
error, and the relevant files should be near the top of the list.