[CentOS] Raspberry PI 3

Mon Dec 12 19:17:51 UTC 2016
Michael Schumacher <michael.schumacher at pamas.de>

Hi Jerry,

> I downloaded the RPI3 image:
> CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-Minimal-1603-RaspberryPi3.img.xz

> how do I resize the root FS?  My Sd card is 32G and I am only using 2G of
> that.

here is a copy of a mail I sent some weeks ago to the arm-dev list.
This mail assumes that you add a SSD to the system, but the concept
remains the same. Make sure that the /boot space has at least some 4GB.

I did pretty much what you plan to do. You need to have the "/boot"
partition on the SD-card and the "/" partition on your SSD.

amrd> 1. dd CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-Minimal-1511-CubieTruck.img.xz to 
amrd> SD-Card

use another PC and connect the SD-card and you SSD. Use GParted to
move your root and swap partition to the SSD. Keep the /boot partition
on the SD-card. You may want to resize the /root partition to some

amrd> 2. delete all Partions on SD-Card

keep all partition on the SD-card. Modify
/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf and change the corresponding targets. Use
uuid-addresses to direct to the correct root partition on the ssd.
Boot the system and check if it correctly starts from the SSD and not
from the SD-disk. If it runs correctly, remove the /root and swap
partition from the SD-disk. Use GParted to resize the /boot partition
to use the whole SD-disk.

You will need the SD-card anyway to boot the system, but there is not
much R/W access to that partition except at boot time, so the speed
increase is significant.

I had to go through this process, because the /boot partition is too
small to go through a successful kernel update. "yum update" wanted to
update the kernel, it ran out of /boot-space and corrupted my system.
If you need more details, I can supply more information later today. I
don't have access to the system right now.

> also I thought the RPI3 as was 64 bit. When I downloaded the
> aarch64.img and tried that it did not boot.
> I thought the RPI3 supported this image. perhaps not.

don't know about that, because I use the banana-pro. Not sure if the
64 bit system would make much difference.

best regards
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