[CentOS] monitor wifi

Fri Dec 23 03:42:02 UTC 2016
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 12/22/2016 7:17 PM, geo.inbox.ignored wrote:
> log]$ grep ath5k dmesg
> ath5k 0000:00:0c.0: PCI INT A -> Link[LNKA] -> GSI 5 (level, low) -> IRQ 5
> ath5k 0000:00:0c.0: registered as 'phy0'
> ath5k: phy0: POST Failed !!!
> ath5k 0000:00:0c.0: PCI INT A disabled
> ath5k: probe of 0000:00:0c.0 failed with error -11
> log]$

k, well, thats what you need to track down.   you might dmesg | less, 
and search for that ath5k to see if there are any other clues around 
that POST Failed

you might just need a firmware blob or somethign, no idea, I haven't 
done wireless Linux in years.

john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz