[CentOS] heads up: /boot space on kernel upgrade

Sat Feb 13 20:24:53 UTC 2016
David Both <dboth at millennium-technology.com>

+1 Valeri. I agree that things have changed a lot!

However, Devin, the answer to your question is that the /boot partition 
is a necessity in a LVM environment, which everything else is by 
default. The /boot partition cannot be a logical volume; it must be a 
raw disk partition with an EXT[34] file system.

On 02/13/2016 03:19 PM, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> On Sat, February 13, 2016 5:57 am, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Devin Reade wrote:
>>> I have a CentOS 6 machine that was initially installed as CentOS 6.4
>>> in May of 2013.  It's /boot filesystem is 200M which, IIRC, was the
>>> default /boot size at the time.
>> As a matter of interest, is there any advantage today
>> in having a /boot partition?
>> I thought it went back to the days when the boot-loader
>> had to be near the beginning of the disk?
> It is interesting to observe how perceptions are changing over time.
> Decade or two ago we were partitioning small then drives (thus loosing
> some of the space) just to separate regular users from those places vital
> for secure and reliable running of the system. Security. There days I bet
> there will be multiple experts who will bag me to death if I will try to
> offer any pro partitioning argument. This is just a very interesting (for
> me) observation.
> Valeri
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