[CentOS] Re: heads up: /boot space on kernel upgrade

Sat Feb 13 20:51:00 UTC 2016
Yamaban <foerster at lisas.de>

On Sat, 13 Feb 2016 21:24, David Both <dboth at ...> wrote:

> +1 Valeri. I agree that things have changed a lot!
> However, Devin, the answer to your question is that the /boot partition is a 
> necessity in a LVM environment, which everything else is by default. The /boot 
> partition cannot be a logical volume; it must be a raw disk partition with an 
> EXT[34] file system.

It's even more relaxed: btrfs and xfs are also valid filesystems
with grub2 on C7. If you do some extra legwork you can allow even more
filesystems, most of the ssd / flash special filesystems a possible,
as long as /boot (also as part of /(root) ) resides on a native disk

The oh-so-hyped LVM (all versions) is not a valid home for /boot
without kompling the kernel AND grub2 yourself, and even then
its much easier to move the kernels and initrds into the EFI
partition (which MUST be vfat32, per spec).

On bootloaders, well, for bios machines with just linux, or linux + win,
nothing was as easy to setup and maintain as "lilo"

But, for my new box, well it came with UEFI, and (e)lilo was just declared
discontiued, and added on top I wanted more than one Linux Distro on the
drive, so grub2 was the choice of the day.

Secureboot with the choice of multiple Distos was easy with grub2,
compared to choices for bootloaders.

YMMV. Have a nice weekend,
   - Yamaban