[CentOS] gfortran "static" linking on CentOS 7

Sat Jan 16 17:13:05 UTC 2016
Kay Diederichs <kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de>

Dear all,

on CentOS 6 one could use -static-libgcc -static-libgfortran to obtain a
binary which would run on other computers which don't have gfortran

On CentOS 7 one can install the libgfortran-static and
libquadmath-static RPMs but the resulting binary _still_ requires
/lib64/libquadmath.so as revealed by ldd. gfortran does not recognize an
option like -static-libquadmath . libquadmath is required even for tiny
programs which do not use high precision data types.

Heavy use of Google did not bring any result. I tried with linker
options -Wl,-Bstatic and so on, but without changes.
So, can anyone tell me how to compile/link with gfortran a binary which
does not have a requirement for libquadmath?
If this is not possible, why are there libgfortran-static and
libquadmath-static RPMs ?

thank you,