[CentOS] Just need to vent

Tue Jan 26 16:33:49 UTC 2016
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

On Tue, 2016-01-26 at 09:11 -0500, Matthew Miller wrote:

> Definitely. But please don't show up ranting about systemd unless you
> genuinely have something new and insightful to add. We have literally
> been discussing moving to an improved init system since 2005:
> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/Y6PUIY3HOPVKA5IUJQ5TL6WAVTE3G4KY/
> and in that decade, pretty much everything to be said _has_ been said
> and considered. That is, we've *been through* the independent analysis
> of systemd.

Is systemd the beneficial, reliable, useful and workable "improved init
system" or something with circa 275,000 lines of coding compared to
init's circa 10,000 lines ?  Things I have learned in programming
include modular is better than monolithic, and less code better than
M$-style bloatware which systemd appears to be.

Just what is Fedora's and Red Hat's Plan B when the revolt against
systemd escalates ?   Whom is going to apologise for fouling-up Red
Hat's EL and our beloved Centos ?


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