[CentOS] installing centos 7 32 bit i386 to laptop

Thu Jul 28 04:58:48 UTC 2016
geo.inbox.ignored <geo.inbox.ignored at gmail.com>

On 07/27/16 23:33, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 7/27/2016 8:51 PM, geo.inbox.ignored wrote:
>> have you tried the 7 32 bit?
> no, all my linux servers now are 64 bit, I havent' run a 32 bit system 
> in a long time.
> if your internet is working over ethernet, you should be able to install 
> what you need via yum, rather than reinstall from different media...
>      yum install NetworkManager-wifi

this box has an on board network chip plus a nic and have a wifi
card i want to check out, thought i would try above and have ready for
next power down.

my surprise;

[geo at tower-1-i686 Documents]$ sudo yum install NetworkManager-wifi
[sudo] password for geo:
Loaded plugins: aliases, changelog, fastestmirror, ovl, presto, refresh-
              : packagekit, security, tmprepo, verify, versionlock
Setting up Install Process
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base: mirror.steadfast.net
 * epel: mirror.steadfast.net
 * extras: mirror.steadfast.net
 * updates: mirror.steadfast.net
extras                                                   | 3.3 kB     00:00
updates                                                  | 3.4 kB     00:00
updates/primary_db                                       | 1.3 MB     00:01
No package NetworkManager-wifi available.
Error: Nothing to do
[geo at tower-1-i686 Documents]$

so that may not work for laptop, ;-)

nbd. why should my luck change with installs. !LOL!

'one of those days' has been going on for over a week. 8=D


peace out.

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