[CentOS] Firefox 45.1.0 stability

Mon May 9 09:37:31 UTC 2016
John Hodrien <J.H.Hodrien at leeds.ac.uk>

On Fri, 6 May 2016, Nux! wrote:

> Guys if you are using my repo on CentOS 6 then the new Firefox might not
> like the old ffmpeg I ship.
> There is new and apparently working stuff in my testing repo; try to upgrade
> and see if that solves the problem.  Feedback welcome so I can move the
> testing packages in the main repo sooner, rather than later.
> yum --enablerepo=nux-dextop-testing update ffmpeg

On the test pages I had problems with, the crash is gone, and h264 video
playback works fine.

I've not seen any new problems.