[CentOS] How do I default to "Folder View" in my custom KDE user profile?

Sun Nov 13 07:46:40 UTC 2016
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


I'm currently busy tweaking KDE 4.14 on CentOS 7 to my needs. I want to
use it as a base for an enterprise class desktop. In my humble opinion,
CentOS' default KDE configuration is not very usable, so I created a
default user profile that looks more like what openSUSE looked like a
few years back.

Here's the little script I'm using to install the various configuration
files and stubs in the relevant places:


And here are the files that are harmed during the process:  :)


What I did basically was to modify the panel's size, add a handful of
default application launchers to the panel and to the kickoff menu,
define Firefox and Thunderbird as default applications, default to
double-click instead of single-click, define a set of defaults for the
window manager, tweak a few things for Dolphin and Konsole, and add a
nice custom wallpaper. The result is a sober-looking KDE desktop fit for
use in a production environment.

One thing I can't seem to define is a default "folder view" for the
desktop. Instead of the plasmoids on the desktop introduced with KDE4,
I'd like my environment to behave like a "classic" desktop with folders
and files on the desktop, and where a right click can - for example -
create a folder. My KDE is in french, but if I remember correctly, this
setup is called "Folder View" in english.

Question: how can I define this behavior as default? Which file or stub
do I have to put in /etc/skel so a newly created user's KDE defaults to
"Folder View"?

Cheers from the sunny South of France,

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