[CentOS] How do I default to "Folder View" in my custom KDE user profile?

Mon Nov 14 12:20:30 UTC 2016
Patrick Hess <patrick_lists at phess.net>

On 13.11.2016 08:46, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> One thing I can't seem to define is a default "folder view" for the
> desktop. Instead of the plasmoids on the desktop introduced with KDE4,
> I'd like my environment to behave like a "classic" desktop with folders
> and files on the desktop, and where a right click can - for example -
> create a folder. My KDE is in french, but if I remember correctly, this
> setup is called "Folder View" in english.

All my KDE4 desktops around here are in German (and they're on FreeBSD,
but that shouldn't really matter) so the translations are not exact.
Anyway, try this:

    - Right-click on your desktop
    - Choose "Settings for Default Workspace"
    - From the dialog, select "Folder View" for the layout
> Question: how can I define this behavior as default? Which file or stub
> do I have to put in /etc/skel so a newly created user's KDE defaults to
> "Folder View"?

After making said change in the GUI, I ran:

     find ~/.kde4 -mtime -60s

to see what files have been changed within the last 60 seconds, and these
two guys showed up:



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