[CentOS] Authconfig package fails verification using RPM

Fri Nov 18 05:45:07 UTC 2016
Maheshwari, Shagun <Shagun.Maheshwari at Harman.com>


I tried executing the rpm -V command on the packages of the CentOS 7.2 ISO which I have created, the verification failed for some of them. Here is the log for 'authconfig' :


1.      Execute command : rpm -V authconfig

2.      Observe the output

Expected Result:
If there is no error, nothing should be displayed

Actual Result:
Verification fails with following error log:
S.5....T.c /etc/sysconfig/authconfig

-When I uninstalled the package and re-installed it using YUM, the verification for the same passed.-
-When I executed the same command on the same package of CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-1511.iso the verification failed.

So, I concluded that the problem is not with my ISO as the same is failing for standard ISO also.

Please provide info on what this -V option actually does, and why these verification is failing for even the standard rpms. Is that a flaw ????