[CentOS] CentOS 7 + KDE - default keyboard layout?

Mon Nov 14 19:16:51 UTC 2016
Patrick Hess <patrick_lists at phess.net>

On 14.11.2016 17:55, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> But then, I'm also running Xfce on this machine, so I don't know if on
> the CentOS machine, the problem is related to localectl, to X.org or to
> KDE.

Alright, I just installed KDE in an existing VirtualBox VM (so that I
can easily undo everything later) that used to be "fully Germanized",
and then tried to switch the whole system over to French:

     virtualcentos7:~ > localectl
        System Locale: LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8
            VC Keymap: fr-nodeadkeys
           X11 Layout: fr
            X11 Model: pc105
          X11 Variant: nodeadkeys
     virtualcentos7:~ > getafrencherrormessage
     bash: getafrencherrormessage : commande introuvable

So far, so good. Here's where the fun begins... XFCE talks to me in French,
whereas KDE still insists on speaking English (there's probably a separate
package that needs to be installed, but who cares). What's more important,
the keyboard layout in GDM, XFCE and KDE is still *German*! In fact, even
GDM still offers only German and US layouts to choose from.

Honestly, I have no clue what's going on here anymore. I surely must be
missing something.
> I tried to replace the CentOS configuration stub with the one I have on
> the Slackware machine, but to no avail. The keyboard is still US. While
> it's not a big deal, of course, I'd rather avoid having to reconfigure
> all my users' keyboard layout by hand.

Well, there's always "setxkbmap 'ch(fr)'" that you could run automatically
when a user logs in. And this *does* actually work here, e.g. pressing the
Ö key on my German keyboard causes an é to appear, which should correspond
to a Swiss-French layout. I'm not entirely sure what the best place to put
this command would be, though. Maybe /etc/profile or ~/.profile?

     test -n "$DISPLAY" && setxkbmap 'ch(fr)'

After all, this doesn't look like a KDE issue to me. Let's blame systemd,
shall we? ;-)


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