[CentOS] Compiling custom "vmlinuz" PXE kernel?

Tue Apr 4 07:20:01 UTC 2017
Zdenek Sedlak <dev at apgrco.com>

On 2017-04-04 02:33, Locane wrote:
> Hello CentOS list, I still need help.
> Does anyone know how I would go about creating my own "vmlinuz" PXE
> kernel?  I'm still trying to get the NUC6CAYH to load to a LiveCD, and I'm
> getitng nowhere with Intel.
> My company wants to do hundreds of these per month;  we're not above paying
> for professional help at this point.
> My current line of reasoning is to get whatever specialized memory and CPU
> drivers the NUC6CAYH requires to recognize properly and bake them in to a
> custom vmlinuz PXE kernel that loads the initial ramdisk image.  This
> kernel is located in a regular CentOS 7.3 DVD at
> CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1611/images/pxeboot/vmlinuz.
> Has anyone done this before?  Is there documentation online?
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long time ago we did this for VMware Tools and CentOS/RHEL 5. Basically,
you need to extract the vmlinuz using gzip/cpio, add the necessary
information and pack again. If you search for something like 'adding
VMware Tools to RHEL 5' you should get a quite descriptive result...

If worked for RHEL5/6, so it will work for 7 as well.