[CentOS] Compiling custom "vmlinuz" PXE kernel?

Tue Apr 4 00:33:36 UTC 2017
Locane <locane at gmail.com>

Hello CentOS list, I still need help.

Does anyone know how I would go about creating my own "vmlinuz" PXE
kernel?  I'm still trying to get the NUC6CAYH to load to a LiveCD, and I'm
getitng nowhere with Intel.

My company wants to do hundreds of these per month;  we're not above paying
for professional help at this point.

My current line of reasoning is to get whatever specialized memory and CPU
drivers the NUC6CAYH requires to recognize properly and bake them in to a
custom vmlinuz PXE kernel that loads the initial ramdisk image.  This
kernel is located in a regular CentOS 7.3 DVD at

Has anyone done this before?  Is there documentation online?