[CentOS] Enterprise Linux Slack

Wed Apr 12 12:35:04 UTC 2017
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 04/12/2017 05:28 AM, Alice Wonder wrote:
> On 04/12/2017 05:23 AM, Andrew Holway wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> Considering the relative decline of IRC (sorry folks) I have set up a
>> Slack
>> for Enterprise Linux. I've been using "pythondev.slack.com" and honestly,
>> its a fantastic tool for community support with really nice features for
>> computer centric discussion.
>> https://enterpriselinux.slack.com/shared_invite/MTY4MTM5NjQ2NTc5LTE0OTE5OTkyNTctMjkyNGU1NWQzOA
>> My hope is that those running Rhel and Centos can have a common place to
>> flame war about SystemD, what to do when FreeIPA replication breaks
>> and how
>> to give your network interfaces sensible names without having to use a
>> pastebin.
>> Thoughts? Experiances?
> Well it claims to have sent me an e-mail but so far it hasn't.

Might be:

Apr 12 12:29:23 li796-67 postfix/smtpd[942]: warning: hostname 
ddit888.net does not resolve to address Name or service 
not known
Apr 12 12:29:23 li796-67 postfix/smtpd[942]: connect from 
Apr 12 12:29:25 li796-67 postfix/smtpd[942]: disconnect from 

Not sure, it connected and then disconnected at the right time but no 
message. All other maillog entries at the right time are accounted for.