[CentOS] PUPPET - group IDS

Wed Apr 19 20:32:18 UTC 2017
Ian Diddams <didds3 at yahoo.co.uk>

hope thus comes under the remit of this mailking list...

We use puppet, and Im trying to come up with "code" that will create two user accounts with a shared groiup ID
user1 with UID 1000user 2 with UID 1001
but I would like them BOTH to share the GID of 2000
I've tried the following
accounts::groups:    jointgroup:        gid: '2000'
    user1:        uid: '1000'        gid: '2000'        home: '/home/user1'        shell: '/bin/bash'        password: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'
    user2:        uid: '1001'        gid: '200'        home: '/home/user2'        shell: '/bin/bash'        password: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'
But when I trfy and use this puppet agent -tv complains when trying to create user2 that GID 2000 is slready used .

how may I manage this?
(Obvs I could have all users with their own GID and add users to a seperate group m... but this is just tidier to my mind?