[CentOS] Fedora bugs and EOL [was Re: CentOS users: please try and provide feedback on Fedora] Boltron

Wed Aug 2 11:05:02 UTC 2017
hw <hw at gc-24.de>

Phil Perry wrote:
>> However, I´m seeing the same bugs from years ago still unfixed in Centos.
>> That refers to libreoffice being unusably slow.  This still doesn´t seem
>> to be fixed for Fedora, either, because it went EOL --- but I don´t know.
> Agree on that. My previous 10 year old el5 install ran OpenOffice perfectly on 10 year old hardware. My new el7 install on brand new hardware which is vastly superior in terms of processing power, GPU power, disk IO, can't even scroll a simple 3 column spreadsheet on the screen. How is that improvement or advancement?
> But if the issue does ever get fixed, you can bet your life I'll be sticking with that fixed product for the next 10 years, not upgrading to some other broken version in 6 or 12 months time.

Let me say just this:

I installed Libreoffice on one machine running Centos, and it was too slow to be
useable.  So I downloaded the rpm package from the Libreoffice website and
installed that version, and it works fine.

I installed Libreoffice on another machine with almost identical hardware, running
the same version of Centos, and it works fine.

So I can only speculate that there might some package installed on one machine which
isn´t installed on the other, and that package makes Libreoffice useable.  But wich
package is that?