[CentOS] Installation on Knights Landing (KNL) machines failure

Tue Aug 22 17:09:41 UTC 2017
Arif Ali <mail at arif-ali.co.uk>

Apologies for the noise, it was a mistake from our side

For some reason someone had set the installation directory to be from 
aarch64 instead of x86_64

On 22/08/2017 17:54, Arif Ali wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a customer, where we are trying to install CentOS 7.3 on the 
> new Intel Knights Landing nodes, unfortunately, we are unable to 
> install then using PXE boot.
> Now, I have a lot of experience of installation of machines using PXE 
> boot, so the setup of that is not the problem. Both myself and my 
> colleagues have looked through the problem, and we are unable to get 
> much diagnosis of the problem.
> When booting the machine via the network, it loads the ramdisk, and 
> then we get no output, and then the machine reboots. Unfortunately, we 
> have unable to get anything else on the screen. The machines don't 
> have VGA, and monitor capable ports, so we are stuck with Serial Over 
> Lan over IPMI.
> We have however, after some searching via search engines, we found 
> some documentation suggesting that RHEL 7.2 and then with significant 
> updates on 7.3 do work on these types of machines. We have then 
> followed the same process to try installing the machines, and we have 
> managed to get the machine up, and in a working order. However, we'd 
> like to use CentOS 7.3, and would like to find the process of doing 
> so, if it is any different
> I was wondering to see if anyone else has seen any similar issues, and 
> if there is a problem here, that we haven't tackled? Any further 
> debugging we can do? Any assistance on this would be much appreciated


Arif Ali