[CentOS] Unable to run TeamViewer 13 under Centos 7 (amd64)

Tue Dec 19 13:16:47 UTC 2017
Manish Jain <bourne.identity at hotmail.com>


I am writing a book about Unix (Linux / FreeBSD) and my book needs 
documentation for TeamViewer13 running under Centos 7 (64-bit).

Unfortunately, running TeamViewer does not get me a GUI -- the install 
went smoothly and teamviewerd daemon is running.

This happens only under Centos. Under Manjaro, the same tarball 
(teamviewer_13.0.5494_amd64.tar.xz) gets me a nice TeamViewer window. 
But I need documentation for Centos.

I have tried reinstalling via rpm (teamviewer_13.0.5693.x86_64.rpm), but 
that does not improve things. With the teamviewer command, I just get 
"Launching TeamViewer GUI" - but nothing actually happens after that.

Can anyone please help me fix the issue ?

Thanks & Regards,
Manish Jain